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Google+ Photos: Now in Drive

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This week, Google is rolling out a new feature to Google Apps for Education domains. Google+ Photos will now appear in Google Drive on the left side titled as “Google Photos” as pictured below.


There are some great benefit to this feature, and staff members also need to understand the distinction between the storage of photos and the sharing of photos based on CCSD21 policies and procedures.


What is Google Photos?

The photos that you have previously uploaded to Google+ (including photos auto-uploaded directly from a mobile device) now appear in Google Drive as well as the Photos section of Google+. Additionally, like the old “Pictures” folder in your home directory on a Windows or Mac computer, photos can be placed directly in the new “Google Photos” section of Drive.


What are some of the benefits of Google Photos?

Large files–Google allows very large size image files to be uploaded to Google Photos. This is a great benefit since it preserves the original quality of the photo.

Built-in, sophisticated editing tools–Google has incorporated sophisticated editing tools within Google Photos from a mobile app called Snapseed, which Google purchased a couple of years ago.

Unlimited storage–For Google Apps for Education users like School District 21, with the unlimited storage space available to us in our Google Drives, as many photos can be stored as necessary.

Storing Photos

First, as a matter of policy and procedure and to protect students and their families, staff members, and the District itself, School District 21 wants and expects all school-related photos from staff to be stored in this new “Google Photos” section of Google Drive. By storing photos here, photos are secure, backed-up, and accessible to technical staff in the event of an emergency or should the need arise legally.

There are two ways to store photos here.

  • They can simply be dragged into the Google Photos section of Google Drive from an SD card, camera connected over a cable, or from the computer itself.
  • Photos can be uploaded via Google+ Photos using the “Upload Photos” button at the top of the Photos section in Google+ as pictured below.


In either case, photos will appear both in Google Photos in Google Drive and in Google+ Photos.


Sharing Photos

Despite the fact that School District 21 photos are now stored in places that make it easy for them to be shared, photos of students or their work can only be shared when students have the correct permissions for sharing those photos.

Given the tools that School District 21 has in place to monitor Google Drive, Google Photos (both in Drive and through Google+) are now considered a “District Website”. As a result, the two relevant permissions that students must have checked in order for their work or image to be shared via Google Drive or Google+ are pictured here below.


If you have any additional questions about the new Google Photos, please see your school’s LMC Team.

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